Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cunningham Pier 2

Cunningham Pier. Geelong Vic.

At the end of this road
White edifice awaits
Yet, not our journey’s end

Cunningham Pier is probably the most iconic structure on our magnificent waterfront. Opening in the mid 1850’s, the pier was a vital part of our port with rail being used to load and unload cargo up until the late 1970’s. With the modernisation of Geelong’s ports, Cunningham Pier was no longer suitable and fell into disuse.

Other than the odd visiting naval vessel Cunningham Pier sat dormant for many years. But in 1989, some local entrepreneurs saw the potential of the green cargo shed on the pier and started the first of what became an institution on Geelong’s social calendar, New Year on the Pier. This mammoth event turned the goods shed into a huge nightclub with thousands seeing in the New Year. New Year on the Pier remained on the pier each new year until the pier was sold off in the 1990’s, forcing a slight name change to the event when it became New Year by the Pier. ~ Bernard

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