Friday, April 7, 2017

Yellow Eyed Penguin 2

Yellow eyed penguin.

I’ve a story for you
Will really make you laugh
Come closer, closer

Yellow-eyed penguin in dunes. 
Photo: Rod Morris.

The yellow-eyed penguin/hoiho (Megadyptes antipodes) is named for its yellow iris and distinctive yellow headband. Adults are grey-blue in colour, with a snow-white belly and pink feet. 
Their chicks are covered in thick, brown fluffy feathers that they shed to fledge at between 98 to 120 days. Their immature plumage has a yellow head band and extends to a yellow head with fully adult plumage when they're 14 - 16 months old. The species' Māori name, hoiho - noise shouter - refers to their shrill call. Often heard when they encounter others in their colony.

Lifespan: lengthy as some individuals can live up to 20 years and the oldest recorded banded bird was over 20.

Size: adults reach around 65 cm in height and weigh around 5 to 5.5 kg.
Hoiho and chicks
Diet: small to medium sized fish such as sprat, red cod, and squid.
Behavior: the only penguin species that doesn't become tame. Also the least social and a solitary breeder. ~ Bernard

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