Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bay of Martyrs

Bay of Martyrs.Victoria.Aust.

Flotilla fills the bay
Upon the silver sea
Gently rocking to and fro

Bay of Martyrs
At the outskirts of Peterborough, just off the Great Ocean Road, is this ideal place to see the stunning Bay of Martyrs. They are particularly beautiful at sunset when the islands and Massacre Point are backlit by the sun.
The place names - Massacre Bay, Massacre Point, Bay of Martyrs - refer to a strong component of local oral history which suggests that Europeans killed a large group of Kirrae-Wurrong Aboriginal men by driving them off the cliffs hereabouts. The women and children were allegedly killed in a nearby swamp. Although there is, not surprisingly, no written evidence, it seems the local Aboriginal population dropped from a couple of thousand to virtually nil at some point, which may suggest migration but this is not what local folklore suggests. ~ Bernard

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