Friday, November 18, 2016


Weka, or woodhen NZ.(Gallirallus australis)

If it looks like a chicken
And walks like a chicken
It may be a Weka

Weka, or woodhen NZ.(Gallirallus australis)

Wekas, or woodhens, are members of the rail family which are mainly aquatic birds, all capable of swimming well. Apart from the Pukeko and Weka, rails are secretive birds, usually found skulking in freshwater swamps and estuarine mangroves and reed beds. Rails have slim bodies that help them move through dense vegetation, moderately long powerful legs with long unwebbed toes that help them walk through wetlands, and a short tail which is flicked up and down as they walk or swim. The rails are ground based birds that seem unwilling to fly and some, like the Weka and the Takahe, have the lost the ability to fly at all. ~ Bernard

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