Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Central Fire Station

Central Fire Station Dunedin  1930.

Proper symmetry
Red brick, white paint
Ready for inspection, Sir!

Corner of Castle and St Andrew Streets, Dunedin.
A functional building, incorporating a large garage of fire engines, residential quarters, offices, and a yard at the back, it opened on 21 July 1931, and housed the firemen and their families as well as fire engines and equipment. Until 1938 it also housed the St John Ambulance Assn's ambulance. This central station is a visual reminder of the history of the fire service in Dunedin, of the growth of Dunedin as a major city, and of the importance of fire as one of the major hazards to New Zealand communities. It carries a NZHPT Cat.2 listing. The greasy "fireman's pole" is still in place! The present Central Fire Station is the sixth main Dunedin Fire Station. The first three stations were situated on various sites in and around the Exchange area. The fourth station was in the Octagon, 1879-1911, and the fifth in Cumberland Street, 1911-1931. ~ Bernard

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