Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kerr Stuart No 4185

Kerr Stuart No 4185.Ocean Beach Dunedin.

She’ll be comin’
Round the meadows
When she comes

Built in 1929 for Kempthorne Prosser. It was purchased by the club and restored to operational condition. In 1994 it was withdrawn from service for an overhaul. It received Westinghouse brake equipment and was returned to service on 13 May 1995. In September later that year it took part in the 1995 Waipara Vintage Festival at the Weka Pass Railway. In the 2000s it was withdrawn for an overhaul. This was completed in 2007. In on 21 April 2014 it was taken out of service for some tube replacment, but has since returned to service. ~ Bernard

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