Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DJ Locomotives

A pair of DJ locos at Dunedin

Utilitarian design
Rather than sleek and style
Built for muscle work

The New Zealand DJ class locomotive is a type of diesel-electric locomotive in service on the New Zealand rail network. The class were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and introduced from 1968—1969 for the New Zealand Railways Department with a modernization loan from the World Bank to replace steam locomotives in the South Island, where most of the class members worked most of their lives.

They are the second class of locomotive in New Zealand to utilize the Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangement, the other classes being the EW class and the EF class. In both cases, this wheel arrangement was used to provide a lower axle-load due to track conditions as well, particularly in the case of the DJs, a shorter wheelbase more suited to sharp curvature on secondary or tertiary routes. ~ Bernard

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