Monday, January 4, 2016

Proud as a Peacock

Proud as a Peacock.

Takes a lot of strength
To show your true colours
And impress the ladies

Interesting Peacock Facts: 
Male peafowl is called peacock while female is called peahen. 
They are one of the largest flying birds. 
Their length (including tail) can reach 5 feet. 
They can weigh between 8-13 pounds. 
They are omnivores (eat both plants and animals). 
They like to eat insects, arthropods, amphibians, flowers, seeds… 
Their main predators are tigers, leopards, mongoose…  
When they sense a danger, they fly and hide in the trees. 
They spend nights on trees for the same reason. 
Family of peafowl is called "bevy". 
Group of peafowl is called "party".
Beautiful and colorful tails are characteristic only for the males
 ~ Bernard

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