Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Windows of the World

Windows of the World Shenzhen 


City without
Cities within
A window of the world

Around the world to see the sights in one day – it is now possible. Shenzhen City in China has a great theme park called “Window of the World” giving you this opportunity. Here you can see around 130 reproductions of some of the famous sights in the world. Along with these reproductions and models, there are rides and special night time entertainment to see. Window of the World is a theme park that is full of replicas of sites all over the world. All the continents are well represented in the 48 hectare or 118 acre park that features stunning replicas of the world’s greatest wonders, historical heritage, and famous scenic sites that are all in a scale ratio of about 1:15 more or less. It might be an educational opportunity to teach kids about the world's historic and important places. ~ Bernard

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