Monday, June 1, 2015

Saint Michel Abbey

Saint Michel Abbey.Shenzhen.

Village on a hill
Surrounding moat
Sans the tides

Mont Saint-Michel, is a name that has a lot of charm, it sounds almost poetic and lyrical. But don't let it fool you: Mont Saint-Michel is a small rocky tidal island situated on the north-west coast of France... This place is characterized by the highest tides in Europe (up to 14 meters high), steep rocks, and quicksand. Its surrounding waters can move 18 kilometers away from the island and 20 kilometers deep into the coast. For centuries all these features made Mont Saint-Michel an impenetrable fortress. First inhabitants of this 92-meter tall mountain, ancient Celts, didn't have any illusions about it and called it Mont Tombe (Mountain Tomb). Back then Mont Saint-Michel wasn't an island: it was surrounded by the forest that was later washed away by ocean waters. ~ Bernard

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