Friday, May 29, 2015

Madagascan Day Gecko

Madagascan Day Gecko.

In the shadows
I seek my prey
Whether food or love

These are the largest species of the genus. Adults may reach up to 10 inches (25 cm). 
They are bright green in color with granular red mottling along the body with distinct red spots on their dorsal sides and a deep red line from the eye to the tip of the snout. Males can be recognized by their distinctly broader heads and are generally more colorful than females. Sexually mature males develop enlarged pores on their hind legs and produce a waxy substance resembling droplets. Sexually mature females may have calcium deposits on each side of the neck. Madagascar giant day geckos have toes with very well developed, broad, adhesive lamellae (thin flat scales) without claws that enable them to climb smooth surfaces. Their eyes are large with round pupils that are ringed in bright blue. The tail is of equal or greater length to the body and snout. ~ Bernard

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