Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving *

Gather together
Humbly ask for the blessing
Grateful for our friends


  1. An absorbing picture.

    Is it a tapestry, Hermes?


  2. Oh, Ron, I'm sorry. I was thinking I was on a different blog and was noticing the different setup and interested that there is an unusual (for that blog) post today. Still find it an absorbing picture. Still wonder if it is a tapestry.

    I was thinking it had been posted by an English blogger and it's interesting how your words seem to have different resonances in relation to the content of the picture now I realise they are coming from someone in North America.

    Happy Thanksgiving Ron.


  3. Thanks for the differing point of view, Lucy. Geocentric to the core, I know what it means to me, but to see a different global view is uncommon for me. I think my eyes wide open, however, I find they're half shut.