Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keas 13 *

What’s up, Matilda?
Will you come waltzing with me?
At our billabong


  1. I've given up believing people when they say they 'laugh out loud' at things they see on the internet. But I really am sitting here giggling. And the giggles started before I even arrived on this blog (when I saw it on the reader).

    This is my all time favourites of your haikus, Ron. (Except I haven't been around much over the summer so I don't know what the 'Keas' means. Is this a kea and not a haiku?)


  2. A Kea or Ikea or Iku? Which is which and why on the other hand?
    Thank you so much, Lucy. You are free to giggle around the internet. Carry on.